Scoliosis Treatment – Is the Existing Treatment Classical Broken?

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Scoliosis is a 3-dimension spinal malformation that can have devastating outcomes on a person’s life bodily, emotionally, informally, and even expressively. It outcomes up to 12% of the American female populace, but frequently gets little care from the general populace and even a great portion of the medical public. As a consequence, research and early phase scoliosis screening packages often goes under funded.
Nobody knows when the present treatment protocols were illegally adopted by the present standards of practice, but most believe it stalks from a 4 page object written by William Kane in 1977; which was an education directed largely on a cost base examination for the Canadian government. Notwithstanding the augmented advancements in medical advances, the scoliosis conduct paradigm hasn’t been reentered in over 30 years.
The present system of scoliosis discovery, scoliosis treatment assessment, early interference, treatment schedule, and treatment techniques need to be totally over-hauled from the crushed up. The present system is too patch-worked and fragmented to be fixed…..It needs to be swapped.

The main scoliosis treatment screening tool second handed by most school nurses and over-electioneers is called Adam’s position which isn’t subtle enough to notice scoliosis in its initial stages, and is frequently referred to as “the too late-night test”.
The Cobb’s viewpoint was industrialized in 1948 by Dr. Cobb and is a totally obsolete scheme of assessment and charting curve development. Trying to describe a disorder as multifaceted as scoliosis chastely by the means of side flexion on a solitary x-ray is the corresponding to attempting to label all the topographies of your new luxury car by lone its color. There is so abundant more to this disorder than just a Cob viewpoint, including breathing volume, pain gages, body double, and excellence of life in maturity.

The Remark only reference for early stage scoliosis situations is not treatment, it is just doing nothing. The arrival of hereditary testing for scoliosis permits the “at risk” patients to select a hostile, non-invasive early period scoliosis involvement program to avert the curve from continuing, rather than bidding to treat the spinal warp after the fact. A teenage child’s best anticipation of beating scoliosis is lessening and maintenance of the warp while it is still pliable and before it gets a biomechanical benefit.

Scoliosis bracing should be obliterated. It has no medical value and only attends to expressively scar our children whom previously have enough steeplechases to overcome. Scoliosis is a 3 dimensional irregularity of the spine and some of the newest CT “in brace” imaging indicates unbending bracing upsurges the rotation constituent, especially the rib cage spin.



Infrared Trail Cameras

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Some of the best cameras for hunting are the infrared trail cameras. These are essential mobile and digital cameras with the ability to detect the slightest of motion by either animals or humans. Such movements will trigger the camera to take video footages or still footages. The cameras are very important for knowing numerous patterns of game in the wild as well as getting interrelationships of numerous species in of wildlife. Trail camera reviews are very important when one wants to select the best infrared cameras in the market today to clearly see that badger or river otter moving around.

Trail camera reviews

Initially people used incandescent cameras to take images of wildlife. These cameras have flashes which can scare away animals thereby causing injury or attracting other hunters who will end up stealing the camera. The flashes produced by these cameras are also powerful thereby making battery life relatively shorter. On the other hand infrared cameras will take still or motion pictures in the darkness without any alerts at all. This is the basis of the camera’s efficiency.

Numerous trail camera reviews can help you settle on the best infrared camera for your hunting expedition. The availability of choices can make things very confusing and this takes you back to the basic factors. Modern cameras make use of SD memory cards which are either built in or can be removed. The better part is that infrared cameras have expendable memory so you can always opt for bigger and better memory for your camera. For a start you are recommended to have 4 GB of memory. Because you will be getting high quality images you will need more space as time goes by. You can easily swap over the memory cards as well. This makes it very easy to view your photos from computers or other electronic devices.

Infrared trail cameras are ideal for hunting because they have numerous associated features. They have high definition capabilities and can take video footage in 1080p. Accompanying this clarity are the ability to capture sound clearly and the ability to hear movements of animals or conversations. You can always play back the recorded video and view pictures as well. As you view you can delete some and save other so you don’t have to make your selection from computer. This makes the camera very reliable compared to the others. If you check out trail camera reviews you will also realize that most infrared cameras are of better resolution with some even having 8 megapixels.

Finally you have to get some basic facts about the location of an infrared camera. The level of security in your area will easily determine how you will place the camera. Most trail camera reviews require that you have to equip your camera with a security cable kit just to ensure that that there are no intruders around. You also have to place the camera right with good angles for perfect capture of the happenings. Test your detection numerous times first by walking in front of the camera to see if it can detect any form of motion or animal traffic.



Five Techniques To Situate The Best Printer In China

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Situate Of A Best Printer In China

A good-looking printing like book printers china engages in recreations a very important role behind any victorious book. The readers do get to pay attention by seeing the book cover first. The cover stylish do their best to sketch the most forthcoming and presentable cover for books, as they are exclusively accountable to give the quick look of the content printed inside. It is of enormous priority that a book should have much expansive and eye-catching cover in order to illustrate more and more readers from the marketplace. We can see kid’s books with multicolored print saying about the content availed inside the book.

In china, there are more than a few such printing companies which are giving those pleasing services at much reasonably price. With the aid of high-end expertise, the book printing in china has turn out to be imaginable and attainable. Here, the piece of writing goes through most imperative five tips to find out central facets of a better printer company. Let’s explore them below –

Vital Tips to Get Facts of a Better Printing Company


1. Credentials and practice – consecutively to hire a promising printer in China, one should ensure that the top quality service provider owns encouraging credentials and long practice in the applicable sectors. Qualifications of a company do state about some fundamental points such as knowledge, effectiveness and technological competence in the applicable sector.

2. charge of printing – If one wants to have one’s work concluded at the proposed budget, one should pursue for a charge well-organized service provider. One should confirm that one is availing the service at spirited price.

3. Compliance to deadline – compliance to deadline is measured as the most favored feature of a printing company. In book printing, time border has great significance. If the future book doesn’t come in the market by the stated deadline, it may effect to unpleasant consequences. In such state of affairs, one should sign up for service providers dedicated to complete the scheme by the outlined timeframe.

4. Variety of design and notion – For infusing assortment and individuality in one’s works, one should get in feel with the book printing company in China having a variety of design and notion. It aids one find a comparable design for one’s book and the thought of the writer.

5. Client services – In last, one should make sure if the chosen company provides agreeable client services. Of late, companies are providing customer-welcoming service all round the clock in order to make one take pleasure in the utmost pleasure.

At this time, these outlined main and necessary points are sure to aid one to recognize an improved and presentable company for book printers china. They indeed have an amazing presence and reputation especially on the internet with the very much needed details. One needs to visit their websites so as to obtain all the necessary information for their future use.



How To Maintain An Espresso Machine

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Maintaining an espresso machine can be quite easy, while on the other hand it can be a really hard and expensive task. Note that purchasing the best espresso machines can save you a big deal of maintenance cost, while still to some extent this same machine can cost you if various steps are not observed. With many websites that write review on espresso machines, a good number of them allows you to see what can be maintained easily and what can give you a hard time to maintain. Let’s explore on some tips you need to look at in order to properly maintain your espresso machine.

With the many espresso machine

Maintenance Skills:

  • Installation: However determined you might be, if this step of installation passes wrongly, the rest will absolutely be very hard to handle. This is actually the basis of all maintenance. Water filtration must also be looked into very critically because if not, mineral build up occurs that leads to the clogging of the machine. Do not let water run out of your machine because it actually needs a lot of it to operate.
  • Boiler water: Make use of the water tap since it is very important in keeping boiler water fresh at all times and also keeps away foul smell. In most machines you will find that hot water coming directly from the tap is accessed right from the boiler. This is actually very important because the more it is removed, the more the water in the boiler will remain fresh and clean.
  • Clean your espresso machine regularly: By cleaning the espresso machine, you are not only checking on hygiene, but also giving your machine a long life.
  • Periodic Maintenance: You will find that time will come when you need to change your gaskets. Depending on how good you have been able to maintain your espresso machine, the very likely gasket you change is brew group gasket. When exposed to very high temperature and pressure, it gets dry and finally begins to crack. Once you realize that water is leaking through this machine, it is the high time you got a new gasket for it.

Basically, what will greatly play a huge role in life of your machine is quality. That’s why it is very important to conduct proper research for instance in espresso machine reviews before buying one. Whether commercial or for home use, research is very significant when it comes to espresso machines.


Attributes Of Askives.Com

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Life is characterized by many questions and experiences. You will only get answers if you ask questions. We all know how important information is. So, the information ought to be properly structured to allow for ease of access. Many internet users are not keen readers and detest lengthy content. The high demand for short and precise information is the reason behind the fantastic idea of askives.com. This is website that contains almost all answers to all your questions. This website is set up for the main purpose of providing quick and precise answers to any user queries.

Reasons behind the huge popularity enjoyed by Ashives.com

Fast information


Askhives.com is arguably the most useful online websites for customers to obtain fast answers to their respective queries especially when they urgently require to the point information regarding goods and services. You can get all the latest business updates while on the travel. By typing in a few keywords, you can immediately acquire information regarding the business activities of your business competitor and take appropriate measures. Such type of correct and speedy information is useful in helping you stay above competition in the stiff business world.

Direct responses or answers

The website is specifically design to furnish you with direct and precise answers so that you can easily come to a decision. If you are not content with the provided answer, all you need to do is type in another question to obtain correct information again on the same subject matter.

Concise information

The best thing as regards Askives.com is the fact that users are furnished with accurate and to concise information. This means that users don’t have to spend their precious time grappling with heaps of content and obtaining the relevant information. Unlike other search engines, this portal provides concise, brief answers much to the convenience of users. After reading the provided response, you can proceed further to type in further details and pose more questions thus continuing your hunt or exploration with the help of askhives website.

Pertinent Information

More often than not, a search over the internet provides you with massive content and you are left to gather the relevant information from the heaps of data. Instead, why not take the assistance provided byAskives.com to acquire only pertinent information according to your search query. In this rapidly evolving world, it is critical to stay updated especially for those people in the business industry. The portal furnishes you with the right data based on how you frame your queries and you receive responses within no time. Askhives website is a large database, consisting of a large pool of questions and answers categorized on different topics. What’s more, the simple and user-friendly nature of the portal is beneficial to both experience and novice users.

Note that how you frame you questions on this search portal will influence the type of responses you get. Try input relevant keywords that correspond to your queries in order to receive accurate answers. With all said and done, askhives is a great search portal, furnishing many people with the best answers to their queries.



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Weight loss is a noble affair especially after you have gained a substantial amount of weight. There are many products in the market promising results but not delivering to expectation and as per the hype attached to it. Some products are also sold by unscrupulous dealers that want to exploit the innocent civilian by promising instantaneous results.

While all those claims are attractive, the best way to lose weight should be by the use of natural products that accelerate the body to lose weight naturally. One such natural product that is simply gaining popularity is Forskolin. The product has its roots in a plant common to India and has been used for centuries to treat ailments such as chest pains, allergies, bronchitis, and blood circulatory diseases.

Forskolin as a weight loss product works by increasing the body’s cAMP molecule. cAMP known as cyclic adenosine monophosphate is known to be in low concentrations in people who are obese. The increase in cAMP levels activates the production of two vital hormones that are important to weight loss and are thyroid hormone and hormone sensitive lipase. The presence of the hormones help the body to increase metabolism and burn fatty acids stored in the adipose tissue.

Like any other product in the market that has been purported to deliver lean body by burning fat, this product has been marred with weight loss side effects forskolin.

Tachycardia a condition that is characterized by increase in heart palpitation is one such side effect that has various symptoms such as loss of consciousness, chest pains, and light headedness, shortness of breath and loss of consciousness. An extreme case of the condition could lead to clotting of blood and heart failure.

Another weight loss side effects forskolin is the association of bleeding complications as a result of combining the product with blood thinners. Decrease in blood pressure as a result of taking it alongside antihypertensive is negative speculations expected to characterize use of the product when one has not consulted with their physician before using the product.

Caution is therefore given to check with your physician before taking the product for weight loss. The dosage and when to take the products are questions which the manufacturer should be able to guide you while purchasing forskolin.opt for doctor based companies as it is easier to report any complications or side effect that is undesirable and seen while using the product.


Make your Place Look Nice with Good Window Blinds

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What you have in your surrounding speaks a lot about your attitude and behaviors. Therefore, both the exteriors and the interiors of you room are very important in determining how you live each and every day. The ideal option is to choose the right window blinds for your house. http://www.duette.co.uk has tailor made window blinds which suit any environment. The blinds are very important especially during extreme weather conditions. They help regulate the amount of sun rays and light coming into the room and also insulate the occupants from excess heat. During winter the window blinds help protect you from too much cold by retaining the heat into the house. This way you will be able to maintain a good condition with the inner and the outer climate.


Make Your Room Stylish And Trendy With Window Blinds!



Choosing the most appropriate window blinds from http://www.duette.co.uk/window-blinds/ is not an easy task. However, with good consultation you will be just fine. Many sorts of window blinds have been made to suit many environments. Some of them are aluminum venetian blinds, blackout roller blinds, wooden venetian blinds and vertical blinds. All of these types have specific areas of application. They all serve a common purpose as well but in different ways. Vertical blinds are used by many people and they protect you by beating the heat. They use louvers to control the amount of light getting into the house though manual control. Roller blinds easily adapt to commercial settings as they have a high level of protection from solar. They therefore help you reduce the costs of air conditioning especially during summer. Window blinds made of fabric can reduce the amount of light getting into your house by 100%. You can either fix the blinds onto the wall or onto the window through a cassette system.


Cheap And The Best Blind Alternatives


All types of window blinds can also be accustomed to suit the environment or tastes of the occupants in the house. For example you can always opt for any color your want and there are also numerous designs to choose from. Even though all of the window blinds are operational, they also have different advantages as well. The way roller blinds protect you from the harsh external environment is different from the way vertical window blinds will do the same. Besides, their ways of installations are also very different.


The best and easiest way of getting window blinds is online. This is because online research will save you from the possible hassle of having to go from one shop to another just looking for the same thing. Therefore you need to visit http://www.duette.co.uk/window-blinds/ and see the latest designs of the blinds and see how elegant they are. If you have the right descriptions of your house and how it looks then your window blinds will be brought right to your place and fixed for you correctly. The setting of your environment will also determine which kind of blind you need. An office is best suited with roller blinds whereas vertical blinds are majorly for residential areas.



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Tenant eviction is not a pleasurable experience and should be sought only as a last resort. It is prudent to seek other alternatives available before you to resolve the issue before pursuing eviction. tenant eviction may be seen as crude and you may risk losing the other tenants for fear of being evicted and they may fall out of favor with you.

Some attributes of problem tenants are stated below, they may include but not limited to

  • Negligent behavior by tenant causing damage to property knowingly or unknowingly.
  • Late rental payments by the tenant.
  • Not paying rental arrears.
  • Breach of the tenancy agreement.
  • Being a nuisance to   the other tenants thus disturbing their peace.
  • Using the property in an illegal manner such as conducting a legal or illegal business in the premise.


Alternatives to tenant eviction include:-

  1. Seeking dialogue with the tenant

To resolve issues amicably, people result to dialogue. Dialogue is a platform where you as the landlord invite the tenant to converse. This is best done in a neutral environment to avoid any subjectivity. Talking will help you pick up any underlying problems which the tenant had not been expressed. You also get the opportunity to voice your displeasure with the issues at hand, be it the late payment of rent, disturbance to other tenants, illegal activity or property damages


  1. Using a mediator to intervene

In some other circumstances, you may opt to seek for mediation. The mediation should come from someone neutral to both sides to avoid biased opinions. In most cases, professional services that deal with helping the tenant and landlord settle disputes can be sought and help to remedy the issue at and.

  1. Allowing an Arbitrator to conclude the matter

Use of an arbitrator is common practice and can be called for especially if the lease had a clause specifying that his services would be required at such a time. In this case, both parties settle for what the arbitrator recommends and content themselves with his decision.

  1. Not accepting to renew the lease.

An extreme case will see the landlord not renewing the lease thus frustrating the tenant to move out. This can also be a liability to the property owner especially if the tenant is a long term tenant. Such tenants are protected by law and their dismissal is under special circumstance and even then, it is still guided by law.


Tips on Getting Best Hotel Deals at Virginia Beach

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Once a simple town in 1906, Virginia Beach has now become a resort city. About 50% of the city is covered by water and that is the reason that tourists get attracted to this place every year and comes to spend some happy moments from their busy life. This lovely city has an extended coastline of 45 kilometers and hence is rightly called the longest pleasure beach and holds its name in Guinness book of world records. As tourism is the thriving business of this place there are numbers of hotels and resorts spread throughout the city. When vacationing there you must be very careful about Virginia Beach hotel deals as if you neglect then you may have to pay more for the same room that others are paying less.

Hotels offered by Virginia Beach


You think of any category of hotel and be sure you would get that in Virginia Beach. Whether you are looking for cheap hotels or resorts with facilities like spa and massages, you will get everything here in Virginia. While on your trip to this place these hotels would give you splendid night rest and make you energized and relaxed with their top class services. You will get hotels with classic rooms, pools, magnificent view of the Atlantic, great restaurants with variety of food and gyms. Before entering into the deal just check out that you are getting the most of the payment made by you.

Tips for getting a great deal while booking hotel

When you are booking a hotel in Virginia make sure that you choose the best deal or otherwise your vacation may be ruined. Following tips may be helpful:

  • Search for hotel deals from the major travel sites. They would offer you different deals and you can compare the offer given by one site to that of another site. In most of the sites, you may find that there are compare buttons, with which you can compare among the facilities provided by each hotels.
  • There are hotel search engines nowadays. Check out those sites to get the best deal for booking a hotel in Virginia Beach. They can offer you cheapest rates.
  • Once you have shortlisted some hotels with the help of the sites, visit the hotel site to see what they are offering and if it matches with the ones promised over travel sites.
  • Once you have finalized a hotel call them directly and negotiate with them about the rates. You may refer to the rates that the travel sites are offering.
  • If you have flexible dates for the trip then you can ask the hotelier that which days will be cheaper and how many accommodations are available.
  • Once you are done with all information, you may book the hotel for your holidays.


Thus, finally you are done with your hotel booking and you must be very happy to get best Virginia Beach hotel deals. They would have taken much of your time but when you get best services at most competitive prices you will found your efforts to be fruitful.



Get the confidence of being free from STD infection

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Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) are chronic diseases which can be the cause of one’s death. They are generally caused due to unprotected sex and related behaviours like anal sex or oral sex which leads to transfer of the parasitic viruses of that disease. This then starts growing in the body of the host and can cause the disease to spread. The other ways of this disease getting transferred from one person body to another is by a rare chance or occurrence of using the same needles which are already used on an already HIV affected person. This can also cause the pathogens to get transferred into the host body and spread.

Is testing STD necessary?

Early testing of the body is necessary so that disease gets detected well in advance. It can be cured if tested really early but at later stages even detection is of no use. Hence it’s alarmingly necessary for human society to start accepting the truth about the cause of this disease and get themselves tested early and regularly if not infected. STD testing in San Jose CA gives you complete priority testing with accurate and confidential information about your health and the results towards the disease. Without testing the health and body of an individual the presence and detection of the disease is impossible which can be catastrophic and lead to fatal results.

Benefits of visiting


The entire process of testing is made very easy and simple to appreciate for the customers. Experts at San Jose make sure that the process is well explained at the beginning itself and all the time they are available at your service. While the testing hardly takes not more than 5 minutes of your time the results can be expected in 24 to 48 hours of time from the time tested. This is then followed by expert medical help in case the testing leads to any positive results. Else all sorts of preventative measure and help are given to the customer so that the experts can make the society free from this fatal disease.

How to enrol

For STD testing in San Jose CA all you need to do is book a proper date and time with a reliable testing clinic by calling for the test. Once that is done you can visit their place at the planned time and date and get your tests done. There is no room to be uncomfortable about the same as you are ensuring the best of your future with confidence. The results if comes to be in favour of healthy body then you can live up to your larger than life dreams. Detection of any sort will be handled with great care and privacy. All such information and privacy will be handled with complete care and understanding towards your cure. The consultation charges as to understand the prevention or cure will be completely free and no charges towards the same will be deducted. All we will ensure in giving you is Satisfaction and Confidence when you have tested and detected that there is no such disease. That will be the moment larger than life.


Choose A Proper Alarm Monitoring Service For Your House Security

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Hiring an alarm monitoring service is a popular thing since it is highly beneficial. These companies that provide alarm monitoring services secure your house or property by setting up a monitored security system. Once the hardware is installed they continuously keep a check on it, even if you are not at home. This is essential in busy and highly populated cities like Phoenix where risks of crime remain high. Therefore you can easily hire a professional alarm monitoring phoenix service to ensure that your house is well protected and secured against intruders.

Benefits Of Hiring Professional Alarm Monitoring Services


There are several benefits of hiring a professional service or a company to take the security responsibility of your house. Not only does it lessens your headache, but also ensures that an expert is in action to take care of your house all the time.

  • They provide complete protection and security against break through, fire, smoke or carbon monoxide gas detection by sending immediate alarm signals to authorized parties or directly to proper authorities.
  • You can be relaxed even if you are away from your house since these Phoenix based services offer 24*7 services, even on holidays.
  • They are experts in installing security systems as well as handling their intricate issues.
  • By hiring an alarm monitoring service you could save up to 20% with your house insurance. Many insurance companies in big cities like Phoenix offer discounts on your insurance if you have taken extreme measures for your house security.
  • It provides peace of mind since you can always be confirmed that on any alert signal help is on its way whether you are in or out of your house.

If you located in a large city or town like Phoenix or such cities, you can get maximum options while choosing a service company for alarm monitoring. In cities or commercial areas there are many companies who are dedicated in providing end to end security solutions for your residential as well as commercial properties.

How to choose an alarm monitoring company

While choosing an alarm monitoring service you need to know certain things about the company, their service etc. You need to understand their security measures, the standards they maintain etc.

  • Know in details all the services that the company is providing.
  • Know about the references of the company.
  • To better understand the security measures of the company you can visit the alarm monitoring station of the company.
  • Get complete information on companies support security plans, warranties, maintenance agreement details, license, etc.
  • Check with several Phoenix based alarm monitoring companies for service rates.

It is essential to gather maximum information about the alarm monitoring Phoenix Company to ensure you are handing over the security responsibilities of your house in right hands. Besides, your budget is also another important factor which can control your selection. If you can compare the service rates from few service providing companies you can select a preferable one accordingly. Thus contact the reputed service providers in Phoenix today to protect your house completely.


Don’t Fall Prey To The Myths Related To Eyelash Extensions

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Besides having slim figure, smooth skin, fair complexion sharp nose what any lady would crave for is having big and beautiful eyes. You may have big eyes but they may be not that attractive as the eye lashes are small and actually cannot enhance the beauty of the eyes. Thus, who have shorter eye lashes, would naturally go for eyelash extensions so that they may have bigger and beautiful eyes. You may belong to any part of the world and that does not matter. What is required is how bright your personality is and how gracefully you can present yourself. When one has shorter eye lashes they may not be confident, but with the help of these lash extensions one may not only have bigger eyelashes but also increased personality. Now there are several myths associated with these eye lashes, which prevents many of you from using them.

Here are some myths and the actual fact behind them.

Having Extensions Is Very Painful

Anything can be painful if done by unprofessional hands. When these eyelash extensions are done by professional lash stylist they are simply without any pain. When you are planning of having eyelash extensions, then it’s always better that you have them from any professional lash artist who have quite hand on experience of doing it and would not make any sort of irritation.


Natural Lashes May Fall Off

Natural lashes generally falls off every 40 to 70 days and you don’t even notice them. This is because they are very small. Natural lashes continue to grow and with every growth some of them fall off naturally. Every day you lose nearly 2-3 lashes. It has nothing to do with the extensions and having lash extension is not even the reason for falling off of your very own lashes.

Natural Lashes May Come Out With The Grown Extended Lashes.

In reality the truth is way around. Yes, natural lashes do not come out with the grown extended lashes, but the extended lashes come out with the natural ones. Hence, every stylist suggests that you must visit their clinic every three weeks if you are interested in maintaining the extended lashes and your beauty. If you find that when the natural lashes falls there are no artificial lashes that mean that they have fallen apart earlier and you should seek an explanation from your beautician about it.

When removed, natural lashes will become shorter

Extensions have nothing to do with natural lashes and their growth. Whatever be the size of the lash that you have applied the growth of the natural lashes is not hampered at all. Yes what may happen is as you had been habituated looking yourself in the mirror with larger eyelashes now that you see smaller one, you start believing that your natural lashes have shorten.

When you know about the different myths associated with eyelash extensions you will not fall for them. You can go ahead with them and having known the myths you may also differentiate between the accurate information and myths.


HCG levels at 3 weeks would be quite confusing

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Needless to say there would always be a confusing mind sitting in the head of the individuals leading to the situations of delayed decision making. It would be quite confusing if at all the individuals should use the diet pills for weight loss or should avoid them when they are planning for pregnancy. The first thing they should confirm is whether they want to be pregnant during the weight loss program. If so then it would be better to go with the natural process for weight loss. Though the heavy weight might not be letting you to interact in a better way to get pregnant still it is not recommended to go with the hcg drops premium as they would result in the increase of the HCG levels in the blood and urine which may not be the indication or pregnancy thus leading to confusion.

The next big confusion for the individuals is how to identify the possible chances of pregnancy so as to avoid it when the couple is not prepared for it. Though they are not prepared it could be possible that they would have interacted in a way creating the chance for pregnancy. At this time if the individual is on HCG diet it would become quite tough to identify the chances of pregnancy and take necessary action steps. If at all you suspect the situation then the HCG levels should be monitored for the early detection of pregnancy.


In general the normal HCG levels are identified to be at the rate of 5mIU/ml. If at all the individual is recorded with high HCG levels for the test done at 3 weeks, then the recommendation would be to stop taking the drops immediately so that the HCG level which is otherwise increased with these drops would come down no matter what dosage you were using until the previous day. It should not take more than 2 days to reduce the count. In case if you see that the count is doubling even after you stopped the drops then that indicates the possible chance of pregnancy due to which you should be able to decide on whether to continue with the present pregnancy or lose it and then struggle to get pregnant again at a later point of time.

Today the issues related to pregnancy are very high and hence it is recommended that the pregnancy whether unexpected or expected should be continued if the women becomes pregnant after marriage. But for women who became pregnant because of the dating process or with the true love it should be decided fast in terms of getting married in the next couple of weeks and continue with the pregnancy. One should consider this period at 3 weeks as the most crucial period for continuing the pregnancy.

Also in the situations where women have been noticed with severe complications to get pregnant, then the determination of pregnancy with the HGC levels taken at 3 weeks is very important. It would help doctors to start medication much earlier than before so that the complications would come down and thus increase the chances of healthy pregnancy right from the first month so that the women is relaxed of the situation. So make sure that this crucial period is never missed out in taking the appropriate decision.


A cup of possibilities galore

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Pure green coffee is a new product that has revolutionized the very approach to weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. All the benefits of this product are discussed widely by the media including the online media. Many websites provide detailed information about this product, but for that you have to click on the link click here.

Why the popularity?

Many reasons can be attributed to the frenzy surrounding this product.

  • The Pure Green Coffee extract is first and foremost famous for its fat burning and weight regulating quality. The green coffee supplement is popular for weight loss rather significantly. Not only does it help in current weight loss goals, continued use can help in future weight control.
  • Consuming this product is not only effective in weight loss issues but also gives a very healthy and feel-good after effect. It replenishes the energy levels and boosts overall positivity.
  • In keeping with positivity the most affirmative quality of this product is its completely natural and organic nature. Green coffee is the unprocessed or unroasted beans of the Coffea fruits that are naturally well cleaned, dried, roasted, ground and packaged. Nothing artificial is added to this thus you get a safe and fully pure product.
  • The fact that makes consumption of this product is safe is it has absolutely no side effects. There are no harmful after effects and this can be endorsed by numerous studies, research, worldwide health advocates and enthusiasts and most importantly the actual consumers of this product.
  • Plenty of safe videos on green coffee can provide further information on the product, you can select the click here option on the websites to know more


Not the conventional way anymore

People are just too tired of sticking to the down trodden and conventional route any longer. If there is a simpler choice out there they will take it.

  • No regimented or prescribed strict diet is necessary. In fact the biggest problem with diets is that they are very difficult to stick to and are often very demanding. Consumption of green coffee requires no dietary restrictions.
  • Another factor is exercising and this supplement does not burden you with a requisite amount of exercising. Time, lifestyle and personal as well as professional commitments often come in the way of exercising or working out routinely.
  • Sometimes a combination of proper diet and exercise yields results much slower than expected. Something to kick start the process the conventional route can be substituted by a more potent and effective product.
  • The current generation is that of information sharing and there is a massive amount of informative details about the product green coffee. There are studies, reports and first hand information from actual users apart from expert testimonials from experts.

Is it worth while?

Weight loss is very imperative for overall wellbeing and health reasons and the alternative or options available should be considered.

  • There are websites which just provides a snippet on the first page and only after you go to click here you get information you about the product and its reliability and genuineness.
  • A supplement that has no side effects and is known to be healthy and helps weight loss so rapidly is definitely worthwhile.


How best one could use the Google Analytics for measuring website progress?

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The first thing that you should learn when you are planning to set up the business in online mode is to know what goals you should target for your website. Also the other important pointer here is you should set the goals in a way they are measurable. When you want to check the traffic make sure you use best tool to measure it, as the human eyes would never be able to check the traffic as well as the sources from where it is getting generated. You could use the Google Analytics that is recommended by many of the experts at the BlackHat World Conference for best evaluation of the website performance with respect to SEO standards and ROI. After having set the goals we should know how to use the various features of the tool to measure them back and know the results. Once you have identified the best goals as is applicable for your business type make sure that you use the help section of the tools for setting these goals in the Goals menu. Once this step is completed it is very much important that you know the next sequence of steps that would aid in better measurement of the website performance.

Set up Traffic segments:


When you have to measure the traffic from each of the sources, you should also be able to set the traffic segments so that the tool would know from where the traffic is likely to come. This way the goals can be segregated for each traffic source so that you know a clear understanding of which source was able to meet the goals set by you. You can create as many segments as you want by using the help section of the tool. However the most common segments that are applicable for the website that is being designed in accordance to the SEO standards are listed below.

  • Overall social media traffic: This segment would cover the entire social networking site URLs from where you are expecting the traffic from.
  • Social media traffic by site: This option would let you track the traffic for independent sites like the Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Traffic from Google: This is one other area where you would be more interested to know. This segment would be concentrating on the Google traffic. The more traffic in this segment would mean that the website has become more popular in the Google Search engine results thus indicating the strength of the customer segments you have in online mode.

Track ROI performance:

It is quite essential that you should track the ROI performance of each single SEO strategy or technique over a period of time. Hence it is important that you get back to the Conversions section of the Google Analytics dashboards and then apply all of the custom segments that are created by you and then wait to monitor the results. Once the results are out you should be able to evaluate the ROI performance of each of the SEO techniques and then decide which worked out best for you.



SharePoint interview questions

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Today, it is not an easy thing to get the job due to tough competition. Employers always hire the right candidate who suits to the requirements of that particular position and also company. To get the job, the candidate must beat other candidates, who came for that particular interview by answering all the questions perfectly. The candidate who is attending an interview must have strong communication skills so that he can communicate easily with the employer. Interview is the great opportunity which is given to the student to present his skills and talent in getting the job. The students who do well in an interview by giving all the correct answers to the questions raised by the employers are given the job.


1. Define SharePoint?

SharePoint is a document collaboration platform which is based on the browser is given by Microsoft.

2. Give the features of SharePoint 2010?

The following are the features of SharePoint 2010:

  • Enterprise Search FAST Search
  • Document Collaboration
  • Readymade Silver Light web part
  • New Enhance Web Part
  • Large lists
  • Business Connectivity Services
  • Visio Services
  • Social Media Investments
  • Enhanced collaboration features
  • Usage logging and reporting
  • Disaster Recovery Innovation or High Availability
  • Service Applications
  • Sandbox Solutions

3. Differentiate library and list?

Document is used to store library and similar items are present in the lists in rows and columns form. Core documents such as Excel, Word and Power Point is created in the library whereas documents cannot be created in list rather the document can be attached in specific list.

4. Differentiate document library and form library?

Core documents such as MS Excel, word and Power Point is present in the document library whereas a document in XML form is present in the library like InfoPath form.

5. In SharePoint, define Central Admin?

While installing the SharePoint, the default website is Central Admin.

6. Define stsadm command?

All the administrative works such as restore, backup, adding web part to site and installing feature, etc are performed using stsadm command.

7. Define farm?

In the SharePoint context, farm is sued to describe collection of many SharePoint servers and SQL servers that come together to give set of basic SharePoint services that are bound in SQL by single configuration database. Farms range in size from having everything on a machine to scaling out individual SharePoint serve role on the sets of servers which are dedicated. Farm is highest administrative boundary of SharePoint and the things happening in SharePoint happens in farm also. Simply, the collection of many SharePoint servers with a single configuration database is known as SharePoint Farm.

8. In SharePoint, define site definition?

The combination of XML and template is known as a site definition. MPS to meet workspace and STS for blank site and team are site definitions that are available in SharePoint.

9. Define site collection?

The collection of SharePoint site is Site Collection. Logical grouping of several SharePoint sites is a SharePoint site collection. A group of websites with same owner and sharing administration settings are a site collection. Example: permissions. When a site collection is created then top-level site is created in the location of the site automatically. Then, many sub sites are created below top-level site. It is necessary to have a site collection in the web application. A site collection can be created according to the existing web application or web applications are created and create site collection in that particular application.

10. Define site?

The collection of web pages used to store the information in an organized manner is known as a site. List of documents, events, discussion, task and different types of information are stored in the site. Controlled access to share information is provided by the site among users. Shared information is gained access only by the authorized users.

11. In SharePoint, define web parts?

The basic building blocks for the SharePoint user interface is web parts and numerous applications are built and integrated using them. The smallest component in SharePoint is web parts. A page is given much functionality using web parts. The custom web parts and readymade third party web parts are present SharePoint. Visual studio is used to create custom web part.

You can find many web parts in the gallery of SharePoint web part:

  • Image web part
  • Content editor web part
  • Data view web part
  • Excel web access web part
  • Form web part

12. In SharePoint, define web application?

Web application is a IIS website in the SharePoint. Every web application is connected with one IIS website. a content database is created for every web application.

13. Define CAML?

The abbreviation of CAML is collaborative application markup languages which are in the form of XML. The data which is present in the SharePoint list is retrieved using CAML and it is also used for inserting and updating.

14. Define content types?

WSS provides a reusable thing known as content type. The column for the item in a list or library is defined by the content type and same may be used by different libraries or SharePoint application list. Example: if a list for leave application is created then a column for IT department, HR department is created then it results in nothing. So, content type is used to create own column or site column and this content type is used with any library or list.

15. Define BDC?

The abbreviation of BDC is business data catalogue. For your SharePoint site, it is considered as the middleware and back end data such as Siebel, SAP and any line of business application.

The data from the SharePoint list cannot be modified in BDC and this site is available for you in read only format.

It is given the name as BCS in the SharePoint 2010 and the abbreviation of BCS is business connectivity services. In general, BCS is two ways, which is data in the SharePoint list is edited from the back end database.

16. Define workspace?

Workspace or site is when a new place is required to collaborate on web pages, document libraries and lists. Example: a site may be created to manage a project or team, prepare for meeting or collaborate on document.

17. In SharePoint, workflow is applied to which elements?

Often, workflow associations are created on document libraries and lists directly. You can also create workflow association on content type that is present within content type gallery for content types and current site defined in the list.

Simply, it is applicable:

  • At the list level or a document library
  • At content type level defined at the scope of the site
  • At the site level

18. Give different methods to initiate workflow?

  • Manual (standard WSS UI interface)
  • Automatic (on item deleted or item added)
  • Programmatically through custom code
  • Manual (Custom UI Interface)

19. In WF, differentiate method activity and event activity?

One that performs specific action is known as a method activity like updating or creating the task. As a response to the occurred action, an event activity runs.

20. Give SharePoint 2010 workflows?

The following are few additions in the workflow model:

  • The workflows of SharePoint 2010 build on workflow engine which provides .net framework 3.5.
  • Workflows for the SharePoint sites are created along with the SharePoint lists.
  • There is a new graphical workflow designer in SharePoint designer 2010 for creating and deploying workflows to the SharePoint directly.
  • Other enhancement in the SharePoint designer 2010 is it permits to modify the workflows of out-of-the-box that come along with SharePoint.

21. Differentiate internet and intranet site?

A normal site which is gained access by anyone on the internet is an internet site. You can create a site for your company which is gained access by anyone on the internet without using any username and password for it.

Intranet is also called as internal network, even though it is hosted on the web but it can be gained access by the individuals who are the members of that particular network. Here, it is necessary to have a username and password which is given to them by the site administrator when they are added.

22. What are the different roles of the users?

In general, the following roles can be assigned to the user:


Content can be added to the existing lists and document libraries.


He is given read only access to website.

Web designer:

Document libraries and lists are created and the pages in the website are customized.


The complete control on the website is in the hands of an administrator.

23. For SharePoint 2010, define types of authentication variables?

  • Windows
  • Claims
  • Forms-based authentication

24. What input forms are created for a workflow?

In general, four different input forms are created which includes initiation form, an association form, a task edit form and a modification form. Make sure to know that these are optional forms when the workflow template is created.

25. Define LINQ to SharePoint?

LINQ is the feature of programming languages visual basic .net and C# 3.0.

Each of the languages are added vocabulary to query data resources and SQL-like syntax.

To query libraries and lists in SharePoint, SQL-like syntax is used by the developers using LINQ to SharePoint.

Internally, LINQ to SharePoint converts LINQ query to CAML query to obtain records.


Entities of list are given strongly typed access.

26. Give the tool for creating DataContent classes to use in LINQ queries?


Give advantages and disadvantages of LINQ to SharePoint?


  • Entities of list are given strongly typed access.
  • Complex queries are simplified.
  • Development is fast.


  • When new columns are added or if the data type is changed then the datacontext class which is used by LINQ is not valid and breaks code.
  • Extra layer to definite CAML query

27. Can a SharePoint workflow is created using MS Visio?

It is not possible to create SharePoint workflow using MS Vision but it is used for workflow visualization. In SharePoint designer, flow diagram which is designed in Visio is imported where functionality is added and deployed to SharePoint.

28. How claims identity is used outside SharePoint?

  • External partner services
  • LOB systems
  • Separate SharePoint farms


It is the right place to find great interviews questions on the topic SharePoint and these are the technical interview questions asked to the candidate who is facing an interview in the IT industry. Clearing the technical round of an interview is not an easy task and the candidate must be strong at all the core concepts. This article is helpful in the preparation process as it is a very good collection of interview questions along with best answers.


EJB interview questions:

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EJB (Enterprise java beans) has been mainly used in developing distributed systems that are used for business applications. There are many companies that develop the business application and the requirement for qualified EJB developer is on huge demand. Many multinational corporations hire the EJB developers to finish the business projects. The aspiring candidate needs to acquire bachelor’s degree in computer applications with the basic knowledge of the enterprise java beans. Every applicant need to clear the interview process to get placed in the company. The interview process generally contains two rounds. The first round would be written test and on clearing the exam, the individual must attend the technical round conducted by the technical panel of the company. The applicant to clear this round must have the knowledge of some basic questions. The list of commonly asked question for the EJB developers is give below:


1. Define EJB?

Usually EJB is abbreviated as Enterprise java beans. It is a server side component that uses java technology (J2EE). It defines the architecture that is used for developing distributed systems. The application developed by using Enterprise java beans support reusability, scalability, they are transactional and very secure. The EJB helps the developer by focusing mainly on the business logic related to the application. You can develop n – tier middleware applications by using EJB.

2. What is EJB context?

It is an interface that is usually implemented by EJB container and it is a part of bean container contract. The entity context of the EJB context is used as subclass for the entity beans. On other hand session context is used by session beans. The object of the EJB context gives the information about the container and the client who is using the beans. And they are used for several other functions.

3. Explain the EJB’s execution process in brief?

The Enterprise java beans are present in the EJB container and the container is a part of the application server. Based on the specifications given by the client, the EJB container interacts with EJB’s and client code. The EJB’s are invoked in the applications by using the API package javax.ejb.

4. What are the various types of beans?

There are three types of beans available that include session beans, entity beans and message driven.

  • Session bean: in general session bean is used for representing the workflow and it is further divided in to two types. They are stateful session bean and stateless session bean. The stateless beans do not maintain any conversational states that occur between the clients and method invocations. Whereas the stateful beans maintains conversational state between the invocations.
  • Entity bean: it is a server side bean that belongs to J2EE. The persistence in entity beans can be managed by the EJB container. Mostly this type of beans are sorted or identified by the primary key. The remote reference can be used as secondary resource for storing the data.
  • Message driven: it is bean type in which the features of the session beans and JMS (java messaging service) are combined. This bean allows the asynchronous transfer of message and helps the users to access the business logic in EJB tier.

5. What is transaction and what are its ACID properties?

A transaction is successful execution of all the operations in a sequence or leaves the system in state that it was before the occurrence of the transaction.

The ACID is acronym for the properties of the transaction that includes atomicity, consistency, isolation and durability.

6. Explain about the EJB container?

The EJB container is located inside the EJB server and turns all the applications and they provide the run time environment for the EJB’s that includes security, concurrency, transaction, deployment and many other services. The EJB server impalements a standard API between any types of EJB that includes session bean, entity bean, message driven bean and the EJB container.

7. What is clustering?

A cluster is generally a group of loosely coupled servers that provides unified view of the services that each server offers individually. The servers sited in the cluster may communicate or may not communicate other servers. Generally, the clusters are made to increase the reliability of the system.

8. What is enterprise java beans query language (EJB QL)?

EJB QL is the new feature introduced in the EJB version 2.0 and it works based on the SQL 92- standard specifications. This is used for writing queries to select methods. It works similar to Sql, the main difference between is that SQL is used for retrieving data from the tables and EJB QL is used for t retrieving data from the bean objects. The EJB QL is also used for defining queries related to select methods that are useful in selecting persistent values maintained by the persistent manager or to select the entity object associated with the entity beans.

9. What are the features included in the EJB 2.0?

There are several new features that are included in the EJB 2.0:

  • New CMP model: this model is based on the new contract called as persistent schema. It allows the container to handle persistence automatically during the runtime.
  • EJB query language: it is a language that works similar to structured query language (SQL) and it allows the persistence schema and helps the user to define some new select and finder methods.
  • Message driven beans: it is a new model bean type and it is the combination of the entity deans and session beans. It is useful in handling the asynchronous messaging that uses message listeners for transferring messages.
  • Local interfaces: This interface enables the beans in the container and establishes direct communication between the beans.
  • ejbHome methods: these methods are declared by the entity beans. The methods that are defined are useful to perform operation related to EJB component but they are not specific to every bean instance.

10. Give the differences between the EAR file, JAR file and WAR file?

Depending on their functionality, the application modules can be packaged or defined as EAR file, JAR file and WAR file.

  • JAR: this file consists of enterprise beans components, classes and deployment descriptor and these files have the extension .jar.
  • WAR: the web modules that comprise of the servlet, JSP (Java serve page) files, other supporting files and HTML files. All these files are packed with extension as .war (web archive).
  • EAR: all the files that have the extension .jar, .war are packed as .ear and the files with extension .ear are directly deployed in to the application server of the EJB container.

11. What is the difference between EJB and RMI?

Both RMI and EJB are used for developing solutions to distributed computing systems. The RMI is used for invoking remote call procedures to access the object and other java virtual machine (JVM). It doesn’t offer any other additional services.

On other hand, enterprise java beans (EJB) offer many extra services apart from calling remote methods. The EJB controls this remote object (RMI-IIOP) features that can be invoked by any of the COBRA clients. EJB offers the services that include persistence, transaction management, resource management and asynchronous messaging.

13. What does EJB architecture consists of?

The EJB architecture comprise of components that are given below:

  • EJB (enterprise java beans) server
  • EJB containers that are used for deploying application servers
  • Home objects, remote calling objects and various types of enterprise beans that run in this EJB container
  • Auxiliary systems such as JNDI, JTS and other security related services.

14. What is meant by activation and passivation in the EJB?

Passivation: this process is useful in the stateful session type beans. In this bean type, the user must store client information. The client data is stored in memory that can cause wastage of memory. To preserve the memory resources, the EJB saves the information in hard disk. The process in which the data is saved into hard disk can be refereed as passivation.

Activation: the method of retrieving the saved information from the hard disk and storing it into the memory is referred as activations.

15. What is meant by deployment descriptor in EJB?

Deployment descriptors are used in the EJB container. They are used for directing the tools required for deploying the application or a specific module in the container. Usually XML (extensible markup language) is used for defining syntax related to the descriptor files.

16. What is the various transaction attributes used in the EJB?

The transaction attributes that are supported by the EJB are listed below:

  • NotSupported
  • Supports
  • Required
  • requiresNew
  • Mandatory
  • Never

17. What are CMP and BMP?

  • The CMP (container managed persistence) occurs when beans handle the database access that is required for the entity beans.
  • The BMP (bean managed persistence) occurs when bean handles its persistence and also manage all the access to the database. In this, the bean code comprise of SQL queries. Hence they are not much portable when compared to the CMP.


Bank teller interview questions

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In a bank, the job of a bank teller is interesting as well as challenging. A bank teller must have a good expertise in customer service and banking techniques. The vital quality essential for the bank teller is customer service as more deposits are expected from the customers by the bank. They must have immense knowledge on all the routine activities that are carried out in a bank and problem solving skills are essential in the emergency time. The interview is conducted by the bank to test the loyalty and honesty of the candidate. Numerous cash transactions are involved in the bank teller job profile. So the banks look to hire the honest person. The questions presented in this article are the frequently asked questions in an interview along with appropriate answers. These interview questions and answers are helpful in clearing the interview process.

1. Why did you select this profession?

It’s a tricky question. Employers are trying to know your comfort level for the applied position by asking this question. You must give a good and striking reason to enter this particular profession and you can say that you can deal with people effectively with your aptitude skills or you are interested and good at maintaining customer relationship. You should not present flashy or honest for this particular question.

2. What you do not like about the job?

The employer is trying to understand your demerits of working for this position. You should not present negative aspects because the employer may think that you are interested in good salary and prefers offered but not in doing this job. Thus, you must be positive on various aspects of this particular job even if you do not like them.

3. Why bank should hire you?

Employers will judge your talents and skills required for bank teller position by asking this question and your suitability for the job is tested. You must give an answer in such a way that your qualities and talent is essential for this position and contributes in successful running of the bank. The terms such as scrupulous, detail, loyal and goal-oriented must be used as they are catchy and also required for the candidate who is working as a bank teller.

4. Tell me your experience of this job in the previous organization?

This question must be given best possible answer. It is the opportunity had given to you to present accomplishments, skills and talent before the hiring manager. You can speak on the way you managed customers and handled complaints effectively. Finally, the effort you put to get the business from them. Additionally, you can explain about other tasks that you have performed along with your primary duty.

5. Why are you leaving previous position?

Do not mention anything negative about your previous job and no matter how hassled your previous job. You must be very tactful and careful while giving answer to this particular question. Avoid speaking about work pressures and personal grudges and speak on family issues or the apt reason is office long from your house.

6. Go through your profile?

This question must be answered carefully and you should not speak much on personal information. Do not speak on this that might bias potential candidate against you, or speak on things that are special that would be considered tactless. The best way to answer this question is speak on your work history. It is an opportunity to speak about your achievements.

7. Describe your strengths?

This is a chance given to the candidate to speak on cash handling experience and customer service skills. These are the two essential skills required for the bank teller position. To give your credibility, make sure to have some examples. Speak on being a friendly and people person glance the interest of your employer until you can demonstrate these aspects by giving examples.

8. Describe your weaknesses?

It is a typical question and the candidate must be answered perfectly. This difficult question is not answered correctly by most of the candidates. Make sure to tell one weakness but you must present positively before an employer. You can say that my family complaints that I am dedicate to job and works long hours continuously. Here, the candidate is presenting his dedication towards work before an employer.

9. Tell me a situation you resolved with an angry customer?

Sometimes, you will have a hard experience with some angry customers with you customer service skills and experience. You can speak on one or two situations. Think back and come up with few situations where you handled issues of customers and saved company relationship. Here, employer is trying to know problem solving skills of the candidate, determine whether candidate have a good relationship with customers. The candidate is hired by the employer only when he suits for all the requirements for that particular position. Get ready to answer this question perfectly by preparing well so that you can you can be like a shining star.

10. Tell me a situation where you deal with a difficult colleague?

In your experience, you may be seeing a difficult co-worker and use that situation to answer this question. Speak on how friendly you handled your colleague by being polite. Here, the employer is trying to know the patience of the candidate.

11. Speak on your cash-handling experience?

When you are applying for a bank teller job, having a good cash-handling experience plays a vital role. It is suggested to give honest answer. Some outages are required, especially for a fresher. If you have had large outages and speak on the way you located outages and what is your contribution to ensure accuracy. You must acknowledge understanding of the significance and your commitment to maintain the cash drawer in balance.

12. Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

This is the question to know whether you are committed to the organization or do you have any other career plans like higher studies. You must have a ready answer that your goal is to work and grow in the banking industry. If you are really looking for growth in the banking industry then speak on it. Talk saying that starting a career as a bank teller is the stepping stone for developing in the banking industry.

13. What are your accomplishments?

This is an opportunity had given to the candidate to speak on professional achievements or awards you have received without sounding proud. If you do not have any accomplishments in your professional life then speak on the accomplishments or something great with respect to your personal life. Mostly, employers hire the well rounded candidates for the position of bank teller.

14. How do you know this bank teller job?

If you know a friend working for this organization who told you about the job position then give his name. You must give your friend name only if he has a good reputation in the organization. If the employee giving you a reference is hard working and dedicated then it counts in hiring process. If you find about the job through online then speak on what all information you read about the company and their products.

15. Among all the banks, what made you to apply for our bank?

It is a question where preparation is required and must know all the positive aspects of this bank than other banks. If you have an account in this bank then speak on their features and attention offered to you. Go through the website of the bank to get details about community involvement and charity work it is occupied in. so that you can have good information to present before the employer and show that you have made your part of homework before attending an interview.


The candidate who is having practical knowledge can do well in answering the questions related to banking. The most common questions are case questions in handling the customers. These are the questions which are helpful for attending a bank teller interview. Nature and number of questions will depend on the level of experience of the candidate. A thorough preparation is required for the candidate to clear the interview process as it is difficult to get the bank teller job due to heavy competition. The questions presented in this article helps in the preparation process and ensure that you can do well in an interview.


Software engineer interview questions

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In this article, you can find interview questions and answers on software engineering. The interview questions presented in this article is given best possible answers in an easy way so that students do not face any difficulty in understanding. These are the technical interviews questions asked to the candidates in the technical round of an interview process. It is very difficult to clear the technical round of an interview because the candidate must a have immense knowledge on the subject. Also, preparation is necessary before facing an interview and only through preparation you can revise all the concepts. So, the candidate who is attending an interview must have a perfect and planned preparation. To make the preparation process easy, you can make use of this article as it is a very good collection of interview questions along with appropriate answers.


1. Define software engineering?

Software engineering is developing software systems by implementing disciplined engineering or it is a knowledge and experience body in developing software process and practice.

2. Define SDLC?

There are multiple parts in the software development life cycle and it has phases such as planning, designing, testing and deploying.

The following are some of the software development lifecycle models:

Linear model or waterfall model:

  • It has a individual and different phases of design and development
  • The activities performed are in linear fashion
  • After the completion of one phase then the next phase starts

Evolutionary development:

In this model, design and development are interleaved. (Incremental model, rapid application development, spiral and prototype based).

Incremental model is the iteration of waterfall.

RAD mainly focuses on developing reliable and quality products within less time.

In Spiral model, developing starts from a small module and it is built like spiral. It is also known as component based development.

A Formal systems development is a mathematical model which is transformed to implementation formally.

Agile methods:

In this flexibility is introduced into development.

Reuse-based development is a system developed from existing components.

3. Describe functional and non-functional requirements in SE?

The expected functionality from the system is known as functional requirements. Property of the system and constraints are non-functional requirements. Functions are on requirements itself and 24X7 availability, response time, etc are some of the examples.

4. In software engineering, give different types of architectures?

For the software systems, a fundamental structural organization schema is expressed by architecture. A unique set of predefined subsystems are offered which specifies responsibilities and specific guidelines and rules to organize effectively relationships between them.

  • Abstract or object oriented data style
  • Blackboard architecture
  • Layered hierarchies

Shared access to data is involved with loosely coupled agents

  • Server architectures or three tier client
  • Client or server
  • Peer-to-peer Architecture

5. Distinguish software engineering, computer science and computer engineering?

The courses in software are present in computer engineering programs, SE programs include detail in software development process and practice which includes sophisticated areas of software architecture, quality assurance, process improvement and managing requirements. The hardware and electronics of the computer is not stressed by the software engineering programs.

Basically, software engineering depends on computer science because other disciplines of engineering depend on life sciences and natural sciences. Emphasis on issues of design, analysis, process, measurement and verification are added by software engineering. Scientists look for the new technologies if an engineer wants to develop new things, solve issues, etc.

6. Is software engineering is for the people who like computers?

Software engineering is to use engineering principles for developing software. You must consider software engineering, if you are interested in computers and solves challenging issues. Computer systems are considered as an integral part in the present society. The critical component of the computer is software which includes embedded systems which are used in vehicles, communication networks, medical devices and consumer electronics. Software engineers have an immense knowledge and skills required to produce reliable software on which the computer systems depend.

7. In software development life cycle, testing activities begins at?

The following are the steps to develop software or an application:

  • Analysis
  • Designing
  • Coding
  • Testing
  • Implementing and
  • Maintaining

At in initial stage it, testing gets start that is analyzing requirements.

The order in which phase of software and the life cycle phase of software is described by SDLC. The test is based on template used in item tracking list waterfall research which occurs after coding and testing model XP, it is the complete analysis for development and software requirements.

8. Differentiate SDLC and STLC?

The software development life cycle has following phases:

  • Requirements gathering
  • Designing
  • Coding
  • Testing and
  • Maintenance


  • Create test
  • Preparing data
  • Writing script for the test
  • Running the test using test and numbers
  • Error in resolving many finds

9. Define different software development model?

The popular models accepted by different companies are

  • Software development life cycle system development
  • Prototype model
  • Component model building groups
  • Application development model

The interview questions and answers presented in this article are useful for the candidate who is attending an interview for the position of software engineer. These interview questions are given perfect answers so that the candidate can do well in an interview. Employer hires the candidate who is according to the company requirements and who perfectly answers all the questions raised by him.


Ajax interview questions

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The people who are looking for best interview questions and answers need not go anywhere and they are in the right place as here is a good collection. The interview questions presented in this article are the frequent questions asked in an interview by the employers. These questions are gathered from interviews conducted by MNCs. Today, getting a job is not an easy thing, a strong determination, and commitment is required. To clear the interview process, thorough preparation is must for the candidates. The candidate who answers all the questions asked by the employer correctly with best suitable answers are hired by the company. The questions presented in this article are helpful for the candidate to clear an interview process.


1. Define Ajax?

Ajax is abbreviated as asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It uses control in your page, that post back to server side. It keen UN usable control that auto post back every time to the server side. Ajax is time taking one.

2. Does Ajax work with Java?

It works perfectly as Java exactly fits for Ajax. To generate Ajax client pages and to server the requests of Ajax, Java Enterprise Edition servers are used. Additionally, server side state for Ajax clients is effectively managed and Ajax clients are connected to the enterprise resources. To define and use Ajax components, JavaServer Faces component model is a perfect fit.

3. What kind of applications does Ajax suits for?

It is not known yet as it is a new approach and the understanding of Ajax application is in the infancy. Sometimes, the perfect solution for this particular issue is traditional web application model.

4. Does it mean adaptive path is anti-flash?

No. The adaptive path client is Macromedia and we have supporters for flash technology. As Ajax develops, sometimes we expect Ajax will be the best solution to specific issue or flash in other cases.

5. What is XMLHttpRequest object?

A non-blocking way for JavaScript is offered to communicate with web server for updating specific part of the web page.

6. Tell about security for the web applications which are based on Ajax?

Initially, we must conform whether XMLHttpRequest object is subjected to security sandbox of the browser or not. If you request resources using XMLHttpRequest object and it should exist in same domain from which calling script originated from requested calling script. You cannot request for services in XMLHttpRequest because of security limitation outside domain.

7. Discuss disadvantages of Ajax, which are associated to browser integration?

If you create dynamic pages using Ajax then these pages does not back button. There are multiple ways to solve the above issue. The best method to solve this particular problem is using iframe. Specific application can be bookmarked in its state. User also handle the applications as the state of an application is changed.

8. What does Ajax component framework provides?

Some of the features offered by Ajax component framework are as follows:

  • Programmatic control
  • Skinning facilities
  • Customization applications
  • Extensibility

Execution is slow above these functions which have less control.

9. Explain about direct Ajax frameworks?

Ajax, CSS and HTML experts are required to use direct Ajax frameworks. Writing in Ajax and HTML framework is done and HTML elements are directly handled using Ajax framework. Multiple frameworks and API’s are offered by Ajax framework for several purposes such as event handling, commonly including functions, altering graphic rich elements and DOM. These frameworks are used for shopping frameworks but, it is not recommended to use them for web applications.

10. What are the multimedia functions of Ajax?

Mainly, build-in multimedia function facility is not available in Ajax but the functionality of other browsers and plug-ins like Quicktime, SVG and flash plug-in are used by it. You can accomplish multimedia in Ajax through hack and mash up. Excellent applications can be built using multimedia functions. These multimedia functions can also be obtained from outside.

11. Describe the friendliness of Ajax with SEO?

Ajax is combination of several languages such as CSS, JavaScript, etc. Ajax is not friendly with search engine indexing because most of the code is written using JavaScript. So, some issues may be encountered with some websites. In general, index JavaScript which is present in the web pages are not used by the search engines.

12. Describe responsive time when using Ajax?

Response time:

Response time can also be known by latency. The response time can be defined as a interval between processing the request generated from client to server. Delay is seen when perfect handling of XMLHttpreequestobject occur between server and client request.

13. For PHP applications, which Ajax framework is suggested?


14. What are all different frameworks in Ajax?

You can get detailed information by using a frame known as prototype.JS framework. It is very easy to handle both JavaScript and Ajax and it is also very easy to use the concept of $. In Ajax, you need not check open, close, cross browser and error handling using traditional Ajax.

15. Describe Ajax limitations?

Basically, Ajax is a client or server technology. In Ajax, web client node typically runs on server that reacts with the requests of HTTP GET and POST. The clients cannot communicate directly with each other.

A distributed application can be developed using Ajax which helps central web server system to handle requests between clients effectively. Client 1 generates data or events and also responds to the events which are from client 2. To help the communication, we can connect them to common web server.

16. What is the vital purpose of Ajax?

The abbreviation of Ajax is asynchronous JavaScript and XML. Useful features are provided by Ajax such as some part of page can be refreshed using Ajax rather than refreshing complete page. Thus, the load on the server can be decreased and thereby performance can be increased.

Asynchronous refresh can be done using Ajax and can obtain information or response from the server according to the request of the client then the interaction of client to the server is decreased every time.

17. Distinguish Ajax and JavaScript?

In general, there is not much difference between JavaScript and Ajax as Ajax is asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It is a new approach to reload a page. A request can be sent to the server using Ajax and a part of a page can be reloaded every time. Ajax performs their task to send XMLHttpRequest to server and obtain result according to request. You can also send several requests using Ajax from same page by reloading the part of page requested.

18. Are there any frameworks helps to speedup development using Ajax?

You can find many browser-side frameworks and each has its own uniqueness.

19. What you use HTTP POST or GET for Ajax calls?

HTTP GET request must be used by AJAX requests while getting back data where data is not changed for a given URL request. When the state is updated on the server then an HTTP POST must be used. It is in line with HTTP idem potency suggestions and it is recommended highly for reliable architecture of web application.

20. Developing Ajax applications or traditional web applications are easy?

Not necessarily. In the Ajax applications certainly includes running JavaScript code on client. Making efficient complex code which is free from bugs is not an easy task and to meet the challenges, better frameworks and tools are required.

21. When you should use synchronous versus asynchronous request?

The page event processing is blocked by the synchronous request and I do not see several use cases where synchronous request is desired.

22. How to test Ajax code?

A port of JUnit on the client side JavaScript known as JsUnit used to test Ajax code.

In this article, you can find interview questions and answers on the topic Ajax and it has a good collection of questions. These questions are given best possible answers in an easy way so that it will be easy while reading. These questions are asked to the candidate in the technical round of an interview. The candidate is given the job only when he clears complete interview process conducted by the company.


Css interview questions

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Css is generally abbreviated as cascaded style sheets and it is a specific language that is used along with the HTML (Hyper text markup language) for good presentation or designing web applications. Usually the applicants, who are planning to build up their career in web designing industry need to have the idea of the HTML language and Css that are most commonly used languages in the designing web based applications. There are several companies that hire individuals specialized in css.

The below given are some commonly asked questions by the recruiters during the interview process.

1. What is css?

It is simple language that helps you to add styles to the website for a pleasant appearance. They are included in the HTML tags and are embedded in the HTML programs. It is usually referred as cascaded style sheets and it is useful only to add styles to improvise the website look by adding colors, images, borders etc.

2. How css is different from HTML?

HTML is the commonly used language for designing website and web applications. The css includes several other features that make the work bit easier. The css increases the browser capabilities, provides different formatting that are not available in the standard HTML.

3. What is the rule set associated with the css?

Actually css is the syntax that is combination of selector, property and it contains a value that is to be defined by the user.

The syntax is as follows and it is a standard syntax that is to be used by every user.

Selector (property: value)

-      Selector is an html tag or element

-      Property is an user defined attribute

-      We must separate the property and value by using a colon (:).

4. Does css exhibit case sensitivity property?

Cascading style sheets are not case sensitive this implies that the variables can be given in upper case or lower case. The case sensitivity is usually seen in the font families, uniform resource locators (URL).

If you use the XML declaration and doc type, then the css is case sensitive for some browsers that execute the document.

5. Can css be associated with any other documents apart from the HTML?

The answer is definitely yes. It can be added to any structured document like XML and other designing languages. However the procedures are not defined yet.

6. What are the types of cascaded style sheets?

There are three types of cascaded style sheets.


External style sheets:

These style sheets are useful in controlling styles for multiple documents at a time. Classes are created and they can be used in many documents. If the context is complex, the selector and available grouping methods are useful in applying styles.


Embedded style sheets:

The style sheets are used for defining classes in multiple documents and the properties associated with the embedded styles sheets are similar to the external style sheets. Additional downloads are not required for retrieving information related to the styles.


Inline style sheets:

Generally these are basic styles used in any HTML program and they are useful for defining some styles for small documents. Within the program, they can be replaced with other style specifications.


7. What are the rules associated with the files naming in css?

The document with css standards should be named. And it should only contain characters that include a – z, A- Z, digits (0 – 9), hyphen, escaped characters and Unicode characters from 161 – 255. The name cannot be started be dash or any number.


8. What is the difference between css, css2 and css3?

Css and css2 are most commonly used cascaded style sheets. These both types contain some new features like absolute, relative positioning of elements through out the program execution. They even support aural style styles, bidirectional text and advanced font properties such as shadows etc.

The css3 is the advanced type and it is currently in development stage. It has been spilt up in to several sections and each section is referred as module. It may contain many separate recommendations made by the w3c schools.


9. What is the id selector?

The id selector is the named selector with an added specific style. The id attribute can be used for defining styles to only one element in a single HTML document. This makes the element look different from other elements in the document. The id selector should be started with # and the other character can be combination of alphabets, numbers from 0 – 9 and Unicode characters.

E.g:#xyz456 {color: green, background color: blue}


10. What is grouping?

It is method used for gathering to or more selectors that are of same kind and they are separated by commas. The several declarations for one selector separated by a semi colon also referred as grouping. It is mainly used to reduce the typing time and decrease the style sheet space.


11. What is css “At rule”?

In general there are two types of rules related to the cascaded style sheets. The prime one is rule set and the other is At rule. On using the At rule, the styles defined in declaration part are applied to entire style sheet but not a particular selector as in rule set. The syntax begins with @ symbol and it is followed by other letter and these letters may be combination of alphabets and digits, escaped characters and hyphens.


12. Define contextual selector?

The contextual selector is a type of selector that is generally used to address the occurrence of element in the document. All the individual selectors are given as string separated by white space and specific search pattern. The last element from the pattern is addressed when the context is matched.


13. What is the difference between id and class?

When a style is added to an attribute using the id selector, the styles are applied only to the specific element. But the attributes and styles attached to the class are applicable to entire document.


14. What is meant by css cascading?

It is a rule that allows the users to make multiple definitions for same property within the html tags as its instance. The benefits of css cascading are


  • Several css files are attached to single HTML document without any modifications in the code.
  • Css selectors like class selectors etc get overlapped with HTML instances. Even external cascaded style sheets can also be used for this purpose.

The above given are the basic question that the applicant need to go through for clearing the technical round in any company. These questions mostly cover the main topics related to css.

15. What is imported style sheet?

It is special feature of the css in which a sheet is imported in to another sheet. The declarations from the main sheet are applicable top entire documents and the declarations in the partial sheet are applied to the specific elements of the document as defined by the user. This technique reduces the typing time and space on the document. The syntax used for importing sheet is “@import sheet name”


Python interview questions

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In this article, you can find python interview questions along with the best possible answers. In the present days, getting the desired job with attractive salary package is not an easy task. The candidate who is interested in getting the good job must have a commitment and hard work. The candidate must be very good at academics and must have a good score from childhood to get qualified for the entrance exam conducted by the company. After fulfilling the eligibility criteria of the company, you must have a good knowledge on all the core concepts. Preparation is essential for any candidate before facing an interview. The candidate who prepares well can does best in the interview. This article contains most frequently asked interview questions and answers in the interview so you can revise all the major concepts quickly by going through the article.


1. Define Python?

Python is interactive, interpreted and object oriented programming language. It contains exceptions, modules, high level dynamic data types, dynamic typing and classes. Remarkable power is combined with a clear syntax. It has interfaces to libraries as well as system calls and for many windows systems and C and C++ languages also extends it. It can also be used as an extension language for some applications which require programmable interface. Python is portable and runs on multiple UNIX variants on PCs and MAC under Windows, OS/2 and MS-DOS.

2. Define a class in python language?

In general, a class is a specific object type which is formed by executing class statement. To create instance objects class are used as templates which represent both attributes and methods specific to data type. A class depends on one or more classes and known as a base class then it inherits methods and attributes of base class. This permits an object model to enhance sequentially by inheritance. A generic Mailbox class is used to provide basic accessor methods for subclasses and mailbox like MaildirMailbox, MboxMailbox and OutlookMailbox that manage numerous mailbox formats.

3. Define a method in the python language?

The function on some object x is a method which is usually called as x.name (arguments….). In general, functions inside a class definition are known as a method.

4. Define self?

Simply, a self is merely a conventional name for the method’s first argument. The method which is declared as meth (self, x, y, z) must be called as a.meth (x, y, z) for an instance of a class in which definition appear. The called method believes it is called as meth (a, x, y, z).

5. Describe the python usage for web programming?

Python is effectively used for web programming and it has a few special features for making the programming language simple and easy. Web services, Web frame works, Webservers, Cgi scripts, Webservices, Content Management Systems and Webclient programming are some of the features supported by python. Because of the flexibility offered by python, several high end applications can be developed.

6. In python, describe the rules for local and global variables?

The variables that are referenced only inside a function are perfectly global in python. In a function’s body, if a variable is assigned any new value then the variable is implicitly local and you can explicitly declare as global. Global for assigned variables offers a bar besides unintentional side-effects. If global is required for global references then you must use global every time. You must declare as global every reference to the component of imported module or a built-in function.

7. How global variables are shared across modules?

In a single program, the way to share information across modules is to design a special module which is often called as cfg or config. Config module is imported in all the modules of application then module is available as a global name. Due to the presence of one instance of every module, changes made to any module object are reflected in all the places.

8. Is there any tool to do static analysis or finding the bug?


To find bugs in the source code of python, a static analysis tool called PyChecker is used and it warns about code style and complexity.

To check whether module satisfying a coding standard or not, Pylint code is used and it is also used to write plug-ins for adding custom feature.

9. Define delegation?

Delegation is also known as a design patter and which is an object oriented technique. For example, let us say that you have an object “a” and you are interested in changing the behavior of its methods. You can build a class, that offer new implementation of a method you are interested in changing and allocate other methods to the equivalent method of “a”.

10. In C, can you create your own function?

Yes, built-in modules containing variables, functions, exceptions and new types in C can be created.

11. How C++ objects are interfaced from Python?

In general, there are several approaches according to your requirement. To start manually, first “Extending and Embedding” document is read first. Make sure to remember that, there is no much difference between C and C++ in the Python runtime system. So the tactic of creating a new Python Type about C structure type works for C++ objects.

12. What is Freeze for Windows?

Freeze program permits you to ship python program as a individual executable file. It is not a compiler and the programs do not run fast but can be distributed easily at least to specific platforms having same CPU and OS.

This article is helpful for the candidate who is attending an interview on the platform of python programming language. These are the technical questions and are asked by the employers in the technical round of an interview process. These questions are helpful in clearing the interview process by giving the best and suitable answers presented in this article. You can face the interview confidently if you prepare well for an interview. These questions are collected from various sources such as technical interview rounds conducted by MNCs. Thus, you can make use of this article effectively before attending an interview.


JMS interview questions

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In present days, the applications developed based on the JMS software are wide in use and they are used for the inter client communication purpose. There are numerous multinational companies that are hiring candidates who are expertise in the JMS software. The opportunities are open for both the fresher’s and experienced individuals. The individual who is ready to face the interview after the completion of graduation course and they need to be prepared for the questions that are been asked by the technical recruiters of the company. It is not an easy task to clear the technical round as the questions placed by the recruiters cover all the topics related to JMS. In this article, all the basic questions related to the JMS are given in elaborated way.


1. What is JMS?

JMS is abbreviated as Java Messaging Service. It is a part of java programming language that is useful in developing software for communication purpose and they develop application based on the concept of asynchronous messaging. It is a key technology among various technologies in the Java. It enables the reliable and asynchronous distributed communication. These standards help the individuals to send, create, read and receive messages. JMS is used foe defining the standards for reliable enterprise messaging. And the enterprise messaging is also referred as messaging oriented middleware (MOM). The MOM is a globally known tool that is used for developing enterprise applications. The java technology on combining with the enterprise messaging provides a JMS API that offers powerful tools for finding solutions to the complex enterprise problems.

2. What are the various messaging types?

There are two messages types.

Synchronous messaging: In this messaging type, the subscriber wait for a message from the server by using the receive methods. The receive method is stopped until the message arrives or the time session gets expired of the message is not received with in the specified time.

Asynchronous messaging: In this messaging type, the client does not wait for the response from the server and the response to the message is given after the triggering of an event. The client registers for the even listener action and it is similar to the message listener. On arrival of the message at destination, the JMS provider calls the onMessage function that acts on the content in the message.

3. List the features of the Java messaging service?

The important features of the Java messaging service are as follows.

  • Asynchronous messaging
  • Delivery guaranteed
  • Store the messages and forward them to server
  • Service based architecture
  • Location transparency

4. What are the various types of messages and explain them?

The messages are classified into five types. They are:

  • Text message: This message is created by using the Java.lang.string object. The text is similar to the content placed in the XML (extensible markup language) file
  • Map message: It comprise a set of name and value pairs. The names used are string objects and values sued are primitive data types that are taken form the Java programming language. The entries in the message can be done sequentially by using the enumeration data type or by using the names. The order of the messages or entries made is undefined.
  • Bytes message: It is a stream of bytes that are uninterpreted. This message is used for encoding the body to match the message format that is already defined.
  • Stream message: This message is a stream of primitive values that are used in the java language. They are filled sequentially and can be easily accessed to read.
  • Object message: It is a serializable object that is available in java programming language.

5. Give the advantages of the JMS?

In general JMS is asynchronous. Therefore it is mandatory that all the pieces of the application are to be up or function effectively all the time. Even if the receiver that store messages is down, the MOM will store the message and send it to the destination whenever the receiver is ready to accept messages. This is the main advantage of developing applications using the JMS and there will no blocking of the work.

6. What is JMS queue?

JMS queue is the main part in developing application that helps in removing all the messages once they are sent to receiver. It is a storage area where the messages are forwarded to the receiver and that are ready to be accepted by user. In the JMS queue, the messages are sent in sequential order.

7. What are the components present in the messages?

Every message consists of three parts and they are mandatory.

  • Message header: The message header is mainly used for identification purpose and it is useful in determining whether the message is given for suitable subscriber or not.
  • Properties: The properties of message comprise of the information related to the application – specific, provider- specific and header fields.
  • Body: The body part of the message holds the content. All the message types are supported and can be attached in the body. The text message is very simple because it includes wrapping string object which in turn wrap the arbitrary objects of the Java programming language.

8. What is the importance of JMS provider in the communication?

The JMS provider play key role in ensuring the security to the messages that are directed to the receiver. And it looks after the data conversion and client triggering. The JMS provider gives you the information related to the security levels and encryption type that are associated with the messages.

9. Define JMS session and why it is used?

JMS session is single threaded framework that is used for sending the JMS messages from the source and to receive JMS messages at destination. It can be nontransacted or locally transacted and sometimes it is used for distributed transaction.

10. What are the models that are supported by the Java messaging service (JMS)?

Publish/subscribe models is supported by the JMS. This model helps the client (publisher) to forward messages to the JMS topic. And these messages are accepted by the clients (subscriber) and they retrieve the information available in the message. And this model uses asynchronous messaging type. And the publisher/subscriber model needs a liaison to distribute the messages to several consumers.

11. What are the message listeners?

Message listener is an asynchronous event handler that is used for handling the messages. The developer gives the actions that are to be performed after receiving the messages and the operation may include deleting, directing etc. a message queue is initiated once the connection to message listener is established.

12. Differentiate between durable subscription and non durable subscriptions?

A durable subscription provides the freedom to the subscriber to receive all the messages form the topic. The nondurable subscription does not guarantee the receiving of messages that are sent by the other subscribers when the client is disconnected with the topic.

In the process of durable subscription, when the subscribers get disconnected with the server, the server stores the published messages. And when the subscriber gets connected, all the unexpired messages are sent to the user. Some JMS provider offer administration tool to execute this task.

13. Explain about message selector?

Message selectors are mainly used to filter message that are received by consumer based on the message priority. These sectors assign the task of filtering messages to the JMS provider rather than assigning it to the application. The message selector is a string that comprises an expression. The recipient receives the message that matches the selector. Usually the matching is checked based on the header fields and properties associated with the message.

14. Explain briefly about the point to point messaging?

In point to point messaging type, the client who sends the message develops a message queue in JMS server to store the messages and send messages. The client at receiver side signs up with the JMS server to accept the messages that are present in the queue. In this messaging type, one to one relationship exists between the sending client and recipient. Even there are several recipients; the message is directed by the MOM (message oriented middle ware) to only one receiver.

15. Differentiate between decentralized MOM and centralized MOM?

  • Centralized MOM is nothing but centralized messaging. The JMS makes use of the centralized messaging type when Client confers with the centralized broker for point to point communication.
  • When it comes to the decentralized messaging, the both sending client and receiving client communicate directly

16. What is the difference between JMS and RPC?

  • JMS: the acronym for the JMS is java messaging service. In this method, the sender just sends the messages and the process continues until it reaches the receiver and the sender do not wait for the response from the receiver.
  • RPC: the abbreviation for the RPC is remote procedure call. In this method, the invoker waits until the execution completes and returns the control to the invoker. And it is completely synchronous way of messaging.


Java collections interview questions

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In this article, the interview questions on Java collections are discusses in detail. These interview questions are also give best possible answers which can be easily understood by the students. These are the most frequently asked interview questions which are collected from the interview of multinational companies. This article has best collection of interview questions at one place and it is made for the student’s convenience. It is beneficial to go through the questions presented in this article before facing an interview.

1. Describe Java collections Framework?

A well defined set of classes and interfaces are offered by Java collections Framework which supports specific operations on collections of objects.

2. Define Iterator Interface?

In general, iteration is same as enumeration interface. A collection can be traversed from the starting to end using Iterator interface methods and the elements from underlying collection are removed safely. Generally, iterator method () is used mostly in query operations.

The following are basic methods:

  • Iterator.hasNext ();
  • Iterator.remove ();
  • Iterator.next ();

3. Define Enumeration Interface?

Enumeration interface permits to iterate through collection elements. Iterating through enumeration is same as iterating using iterator. But, there is no support for removal using enumeration.

The following are basic methods:

  • Object nextElement ();
  • Boolean hasMoreElements ();

4. Differentiate enumeration and iterator interface?

Using enumeration interface you can iterate through all the collection elements. Iterating using enumeration is same as iterating with an iterator. In enumeration, you cannot find removal support.

5. Define Set Interface?

In the concept of mathematics, a set is nothing but a group of items which are unique. It means the group should not have any duplicates. The collection interface must be extended by the set interface. In the collection, duplicates are not permitted by the set. Null is a valid entry in set implementations but it is permitted only once.

6. In collections framework, give the two types of set implementations?

The two types of set implementations available in collections framework are HashSet and TreeSet.

7. Differentiate HashSet and TreeSet?

Java.util.Set interface is implemented using HashSet class to remove the duplicate entries and hashing is used for storage purpose. Mapping between key value and data item is known as hashing and it ensures effective searching.

Java.util.Set interface is implemented by TreeSet class to provide an ordered set, duplicate entries are removed and tree is used for storage.

8. Define a list?

Ordered and unique collection of objects is known as a list. The collection interface is extended by the list interface.

9. Give the list implementations present in collections framework?

The available list implementations in the collections framework are ArayList and LinkedList.

10. Differentiate ArayList and LinkedList?

Java.util.List interface is implemented using ArayList class and arrays are used for storage purpose. In general, array storage is fast but it is not possible to delete or insert the entries in the middle of list. A new array must be constructed to achieve adding and deleting the entries in the middle of list. Any element can be gained access randomly.

Java.util.List interface is implemented by LinkedList class and linked list is used for storage purpose. Elements are allowed to be added, taken from collection by a linked list at any location in container by ordering elements. The elements can be gained access only sequentially using this implementation.

11. To implement a queue, which collection is used?


12. Define map interface?

In general, a map is a special set which does not have any duplication. The stored data is index or look up using key values. It is not an extension of collection interface and map interface has own hierarchy. In the collection, map does not permit duplication. Null is a valid entry in map implementations but it is permitted only once.

13. In collection frameworks, what are the two different types of map implementations?

In the collections framework, the two available map implementations are HashMap and TreeMap.

14. Describe the vector class functionality?

You cannot change the size of an array after setting the array size. In java, this kind of situation deals with vector and automatically it grows and the size is reduced. Only objects are permitted to store by the vector but not primitives. Primitives are converted into objects with the help of wrapper classes for storing primitives before adding to vector. Automatically, vector resizes and reallocates itself.

15. How a primitive data type is stored in vector or collections class?

Primitive data type is wrapped into wrapper classes in the package of java.lang such as float, integer or double.

16. Differentiate vector and ArrayList?

In general, vector and ArrayList are almost same. A growable array is represented by them. The vital difference is that ArrayList is unsynchronized whereas vector is synchronized.

17. Differentiate Hashtable and HashMap?

Both offers key-value access for data and the major difference is as follows:

  • HashMap is not synchronized whereas Hashtable is synchronized.
  • Null values are allowed by HashMap but are not permitted by Hashtable.
  • In HashMap, iterator is fail-safe whereas the enumerator for Hashtable is not a fail-safe.

18. How an array is made larger?

Directly an array is not made larger. A new array must be made and all the original elements are copied into it. Most commonly, it is done using System.arraycopy (). This is done automatically by the vector class as long as the arrays are not primitive data types.

19. Which system class method permits to copy the elements of one array to other array?

System.arraycopy ()

20. Mention the usage of locale class?

Program output is tailored using locale class to conversions of specific political, geographic and cultural region.

21. Give the use of GregorianCalendar class?

Traditional western calendars are supported by GregorianCalendar.

22. Mention the usage of SimpleTimeZone class?

Gregorian calendar is given support by SimpleTimeZone.

You are at the right place to get the best interview questions on Java collections along with appropriate answers. Preparation is mandatory for a candidate before facing an interview and this article helps in preparation process. These are the technical interviews questions which are asked by the employers in the technical round of an interview for the candidate who is attending an interview on Java platform. Finally, the candidate who gives all the correct and best answers to the questions asked by the employer’s is hired by the company. Thus, he is the right person who suits perfectly for the vacant position and company requirements.


OBIEE interview questions

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The candidate who is interested in getting the desired job must have strong determination and dedication in learning the subject. To get qualified for attending an interview, it is necessary to have a good percentage of marks in the professional education and it is better if consistency of percentage is maintained from high school. Next thing is the student who is attending an interview must prepare well before facing an interview. Preparation is necessary so that the student can recollect and revise all the concepts in very less time so that he will not face difficulty in answering the questions in an interview. Employers hire the best candidate who is according to the company requirements and who is capable of doing all the tasks associated with the vacant position. This article helps in clearing the interview process as it has a good collection of interview questions along with correct and suitable answers.


1. Define OBIEE?

The abbreviation of OBIEE is oracle business intelligence enterprise edition and it is a tool to develop enterprise wide reports. Simply, it is a report generating tool like crystal reports. Earlier, OBIEE is known as Siebel analytical tool which is acquired by oracle. So, do not get confused because now it is called by the name OBIEE tool.

2. In Siebel analytics, describe repository?

Meta data information is stored in repository. It is a file system which is an extension of repository file. All the rules needed for data modeling, security, and caching, aggregate navigation, connectivity is stored in repositories of metadata. Multiple business models are stored in every metadata repository. Multiple repositories can be gained access by Siebel analytics server.

3. In Siebel analytics, describe the end to end life cycle?

The life cycle of Siebel analytics is as follows:

  • Business requirements are gathered.
  • Source systems are identified.
  • ETL is designed to load to DW if source data do not exist.
  • Repository is built.
  • Dashboard is build or answers are used for reporting.
  • Security is defined.
  • Select caching mechanism and aggregations based on the performance.
  • Testing and QA

4. What were your schemas and explain working of Siebel architecture and the layers?

In the Siebel architecture, there are five parts:

  • Clients
  • Data sources
  • Siebel analytics server
  • Siebel analytics web server
  • Siebel analytics scheduler

Metadata representing analytical model is developed using Siebel analytics administration tool.

In general, repository is divided into three layers:


Data sources are modeled into dimension and facts.


Data sources are represented.


User’s view of the model is specified.

5. In BMM layer, how the relationship between facts and dimensions are defined?

In BMM layer, complex join is used to define relationship between facts and dimensions.

6. Can a physical join is used in BMM layer?

Yes, it is possible to use physical join in this layer. If there is SCD type two then a complex join is used in BMM layer.

7. In BMM layer, is it possible to use outer join?

Yes, it is possible to use outer join. You have only one option, while doing complex join.

8. Define variable in Siebel?

Variables are used in repository simplify administrative tasks and the metadata content is changed dynamically to regulate to changing data environment. A variable manager is included in the administrative tool to define variables.

9. Define Authentication and what are the different types of Authentication?

The process in which system examines with the help of user id and password that the user is given necessary permissions and authorization to log in and gain access vital information. The analytical server of Siebel authenticates every connection request which it receives.

  • LDAP authentication
  • External table authentication
  • Operating system authentication
  • Database authentication

10. Define object level security?

In general, there two types of object level security, they are:

Web level and repository level

Web level:

Here, security is given for the objects which are stored in the web catalog of Siebel analytics such as folder, dashboards pages and reports you view objects for which you are given authorization. Example: manager at the middle level is not given access to dashboard which includes summary information for complete department.

Repository level:

The repository level security is provided in the presentation level by denying or given permission to the users to see specific column or table.

11. Define data level security?

The type and amount of data which is present in the report is controlled by data level security. When the same report is run by different users then the returned results depends on the access rights and roles in organization. Example: the results for all religions are by the sales vice president whereas the sales representative is responsible for seeing the data for that specific region.

12. Differentiate object level security and data level security?

The type and amount of data which is seen in the reports are controlled by the data level security. Securities for the objects that are stored in web catalog of Siebel analytics such as dashboards, folders, dashboards pages and reports are provided by object level security.

13. What is a pipeline and it you see it anywhere in your projects?

Yes, the stages in a specific transaction are known as pipelines such as finance, assessment, etc.

14. How to create filter on repository?

On content tab condition

15. In Siebel analysis, multiple data sources are available or not?


16. In Siebel analysis, how the expressions and case statements are handled?

To create case when…then… end statement then expression builder is used.

17. Define query repository tool?

  • Query repository tool is the utility of OBIEE or Seibel admin tool.
  • It permits you to verify repository metadata tool.
  • Example: look for the objects based on type and name.
  • Verify relationship between metadata objects such as which column in presentation layer maps to some table in the physical layer.

18. Define JDK and why it is required?

The abbreviation of JDK is Java Development Kit, it is a package of software containing minimal tools required to write, debug, compile and run Java applets.

19. Is it possible to migrate presentation layer to different server?

No, it is not possible to migrate and the whole web and RPD files can be migrated.

20. In BMM layer, why there are many LTS?

Performance and query response time are enhanced.

21. Give the full form of RPD?

In general, there is no full form for RPD, it is a repository file. It is also called as Rapidfile Database.

22. How a cache is disabled from two specific tables?

Right click on table then you will find an option saying cacheable in the physical layer.

23. In SAS, which type of protocol is used?

TCP/IP protocol is sued.

The candidate who is looking for the interview questions on OBIEE is at the right place as this article contains most frequently asked interview questions and answers conducted by the multinational companies. This article is helpful in the preparing for an interview because important questions are collected at one place to make it easy for the students. Clearing a technical round of an interview is difficult so thorough preparation is mandatory.

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